Indoor grow allows for full management and control of the grow, reduces the risk of natural hazards, eliminates pesticides and creates and all around better, high potency product.


We grow vertically using Hyperponic’s CropTowers, increasing production by a factor of 3 in the same space. Plus we get seven turns a year without fear of outside climate and weather.


Our patented system technology and video manage all aspects of the grow and provide real-time alerts and data. This reduces labor costs, water usage and speeds production.


    Outdoor growing risks have not been properly evaluated with regards to ensuring a consistent and quality supply for human and medical use. CBD wholesalers and retailers have large risks, and therefore obligations to ensuring quality raw materials that are free from molds, aphids, heavy metals and pesticides should be of the utmost importance.

    The inherent risk of infected crops for all of these health risks should be driving growers indoors. As consumers become educated about CBD sourcing and the various governmental organizations begin setting purity rules, the move to mitigate these risks will be paramount.

    Plus, every outdoor farm in the country harvests at the same time which means by the time June comes around, the quality of the hemp’s actives (terpenes and cannabinoids) has dropped significantly and therefore the extracted oil is not as potent.


    Often, plants are at many different growing stages which means at certain times of year, these plants may not be able to mature enough to maximize the cannabinoid content. Another issue is often hemp clones that are stressed due to their size and leaf yellowing. This is usually caused by weather that can cause late clone planting and stunted growth. In fact, the weather can cause quite a bit of clone death due to over watering from the rain.

    Outside grows also suffer from aphid infestation in the cloning process that continues outside and causes a large amount of damage to the plants which results in significant clone loses even after planting.

    Another significant issue is due to the farmland being used to grow other crops for many, many years. This will cause excessive heavy metals and pesticides in the resulting hemp flower from growing corn and soybeans on the land. Significant safeguards must be in place to prevent these elements for ending up in the CBD oil.


    Indoor growing has significant advantages for both the grower, investor and all participants in the supply chain, especially the end user customer. It allows for a controlled growing environment that is free from issues that affect quality and safety such as weather, molds, aphids, heavy metals, and pesticides.

    Until now, growing hemp indoors to compete with hundreds or thousands of acres outdoors was a fool’s errand. You could never build a facility large enough to provide enough biomass to make it economically feasible, much less highly profitable. Even with the current state of hydroponic rack systems, it would take a building of several hundred square feet to compete in volume and price.

    So a system had to be developed to maximize space indoors, automate the growing processes to reduce labor costs, recycle the water supply to drastically lower the water use footprint and bring pure, consistent, medical grade biomass to the supply chain. We’ve done that.


    Skyway, through our parent company, Hyperponic has developed a system that provides Skyway, and you, a true competitive advantage. The CropTower is set of a 10′ tall integrated and technologically sophisticated towers that each hold more than 102 plants in less than 100 square feet.

    In Control: Our automated (yet human supervised) patented software and hardware systems gives us total control over the grow and the environment. From nutrition fed to the roots to the sunrise/sunset ability of our lighting systems, we not only emulate Mother Nature, we do her one better, by making all aspects dialed in to near perfection.

    In Volume: In one 40,000 square foot warehouse, we can out produce the volume of a 100 acre farm. With a consistent and perpetual harvest in a controlled environment we significantly reduce material supply risk.

    In Quality: We control all aspects of the environment, from temperature and lighting to nutrients and harvest speed.

    In Price: By automating our systems, managing water use, reducing labor costs and more, we can deliver a very high quality biomass to the oil processor, and therefore a very high quality CBD product to the marketplace.


Distributors, Wholesalers, Retailers and Growers

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Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers and ultimately the end-user consumer will be able to identify our oil by the HypergrownTM seal they will use on their products. With the Hypergrown Seal, consumers will know they can trust the CBD ingredient in the products they buy.


From efficiencies in time and three dimensional space to a patented software, hardware and technology system to manage all key factors in growing, including nutrients, we deliver a consistent high quality, high CBD product to the marketplace.

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