We exceed the production value of every growing method on the market today and we will always be improving our technology and equipment to stay ahead of our competitors and continue that leadership. That includes our focus on growing organically and with the smallest environmental footprint when it comes to nutrition, pest control, power, water and use of space.

Skyway is the hemp/CBD oil manufacturing division of Hyperponic LLC.

Hyperponic developed the CropTower Integrated Aeroponic Grow System, an indoor, high volume crop production system that delivers consistent lab-tested biomass for use in CBD oil production.

Initial development included the design of the towers, computer system, hardware, software, the water reservoir / pump system, cleanout system as well as testing a variety of nutritional models to maximize results from this new integrated system.

In March, 2015, we partnered with a Colorado grower to install and test the system over a four month period. These tests included standard growing practices as well as introducing adverse conditions to the crop. This enable us to test corrective and mitigating actions when issues may arise.

The conditions were far less than optimal, but despite the limitations, the towers performed as expected, producing a great harvest and proving that the technology is a viable and replicable grow system.

Upwards to 100 improvements to the test system have been made, including upgrades to lighting, plumbing, air flow and framing structure that increase consistency and efficiency while decreasing costs.

The Hyperponic CropTower grow system is now in full production.